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April 12, 2008
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Tibet by jonnymorris Tibet by jonnymorris
Adding my voice. I'm not a fan of organised religion but I'm definitely opposed to torture and violent destruction of a people's peaceful way of life.

Feel free to use this stamp.

Thanks to $zilla774 for the stamp template - [link]
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Ourane Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010
I wish with all my heart that someday this flag will be waving in Lhasa. :pray:
rt1artic Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2010   General Artist
I fear that if Tibet independence progresses further, it will be the same pre-"Chinese Communism", "torture and violent destruction".

If by peaceful you meant the caste system - essentially the oppression of Tibetians by the lamas, that Tibet was under before the Chinese Communist party liberated them from the lama's iron fist of power, you really have to understand that the media that you have been fed doesn't tell you everything.

Not to mention that the current Dalai Lama's backed by the US because the US politicians are just finding ways to bash China like a dead horse.
theubbergeek2 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011
It is? But isn't it ultimatly the people's choice?

Enlightment do not come from another power ruling. But from the people.

Le Tibet, aux Tibétains.
policorrectus Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
I admire your compassion toward to the highland and the peaceful folks of Tibet. However, if you really wish to help them, I think fully understand the history and your enemy (not `China`, instead Chinese Communist who destroyed all Chinese cultures). [link]
jonnymorris Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2010
Yep, communism has ruined a lot of China's heritage and culture, I would not wish to visit such a police state for fear of my own safety.

Such a shame.
policorrectus Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
Before I sign off, I gonna pull you off from your high horse of "British education on world history" by reminding you British foreign policy has its share of guilt on Tibet's suffering. Remember "Yalta Conference" which gave the Soviet the green light to give whatever support they want to the Chinese Commies.

Furthermore, you are empowering the Chinese Communist by referring them as "China". As long as you treat the Communist as the "representative of China", you are guilty of giving Commies the recognition they need to destroy Tibet as they did with all the religious and ethnic groups before..
jonnymorris Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
Hmm, so what would you have me call the country that was erstwhile known as China? I called the USSR simply Russia, as did most of the world, out of simplicity. I see China as no different to how Russia was when it was the USSR, it's a recognised government worldwide whether we like it or not.

I know Britain has done it's fair share of international meddling, but then most countries in Europe did and still do around the world. Let's not forget that if it wasn't for the British Empire and it's allies we would probably all be speaking German now.

I still say that the world has become a much more dangerous place since Britain and other major European countries relinquished their colonial powers after WWII. Colonialism is not always a bad thing, I just disagree with the way China has handled it.
policorrectus Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
Just add "Communist" whenever you want to mention the China of "Red flag with 5 stars". That's only 9 letters and I am pretty sure its not difficult for a Brit to type 9 more letters in his first language. Despite my inability to construct sentences like a pro (I am not a University grad), I am still willing to not slack off on important details. You give me the impression of someone who likes to make verdict without reaching deeper understanding of the issue.

From your tone, you are one of these people who thinks any regime other than US and UK can soley represent their nation of origin, despite the fact the regimes gained power with illegal or immoral means. You should repeat what you said to Russians and Chinese who suffered in the hand of the Communist regimes.

The Republic of China fought the WW2 for 6 years without any major help (the Flying Tigers could only do so much against the massive fleet of Japanese Air force with their limited number and resource). The first major Allies victory was Battle of Changsha (1942), the Republic of China did it with Type 24 rifle (Kar98k's forerunner), pak 36 and other weapons which DID NOT INCLUDE British arsenal.

Which China do you refer to in your last sentence "Colonialism is not always a bad thing, I just disagree with the way China has handled it.". Is it The Republic of China (Red White Blue) or the People's Republic of China (Commie Bastards). I eagerly await your answer.
jonnymorris Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
I refer to Communist China that invaded Tibet when the rest of the world was too busy fighting among themselves.

I know little of the fight between China and Japan, other than it was almost a completely separate war to the one in Europe, mainly against Japanese aggressors. There was a lot happening over in the East around the time of the Russian communist revolution, I did not study 20th century history so it's only what I read since school and saw in TV documentaries.

In one documentary it said that Tibet could easily have conquered China a few years before, but their weapons were hopelessly outdated by the time Communist China rolled in.
policorrectus Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
Given the quote "I did not study 20th century history so it's only what I read since school and saw in TV documentaries." I am dead on that you are one of these arrogant White people who know so little about what happened in Asia (and let along China) yet so eager to be the "expert".

I don't expect me to reply anything I said earlier including "Let's not forget that if it wasn't for the British Empire and it's allies we would probably all be speaking German now." Which probably meant "Japanese" in my case. Yes, the Battle of Changsha 1941-1942.

You gotta be kidding me about the final paragraph! Do you know what was the Tibetan population before the implement of "The Great Leap" in Tibet and the 1959 uprising. Do you honestly think the Tibetans could launch an attack against the People's Liberation Army who would use any nasty and dirty tactic (human wave attack would be one of these)?
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